Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 11, 2010


a. I have been reading comments on a few blogs…in particular Roate Caeli, and the attacks on our Holy Father are endless and vicious.

I have newslfash for all of you up there: YOU ARE NOT THE POPE!!!, If you wish to be one, there are plenty of Protestant non eccleastical communities you can join. The Holy Father is being attacked ENOUGH from those OUTSIDE THE CHURCH, why are you adding fuel to the FIRE? The fact that the Holy Father has not offered the TLM in Public as Pope at this point is no need to lay personal attacks against our Holy Father.

Fact of the matter is the details for the Papal Pontifical High Mass, most were abolished by Pope Paul VI, as well as the rubrics being complicated. Fact of the matter is for the expectations that you’re laying on him, if he was to do so now, it would not be enough to satisfy you all. It’d take months of planning to put together this Mass. This Mass would have to be planned now and offered on Christmas. Lay off the Holy Father! Things will happen in God’s time, put trust in Him, and pray for the Holy Father that he have strengths for many years!

b. “Radical” Islam…as a friendly reminder to you, Radical Islam does not exist. With another Catholic Martyr thanks to the “Religion of Pieces” (Abp Raho, Bp Padvoese). Islam, forming Catholic Martyrs since its inception….Ragensburg…preparing the way for Catholic Martyrs since 2006. Pope Benedict’s Ragensburg speech was BRILLIANT :). Our Holy Father knows exactly what he’s doing.

c. Brazil’s soccer team, their ego is about the size of Obama’s. Unfortunately I don’t have ego machine to crush them. Go France, we can’t give away the World Cup like we did in 06. (I know the Pope’s in Italy, but technically the Vatican is its own state :p), I’m hoping for a great tourney tomorrow. And I hope Brazil gets crushed 😀 (Not to brag, but we have beaten Brazil the last 2 times in the world cup we’ve faced them, lol)

d. 95% of Laker fans, where were you during the season? (I mean the Kobe’s will win the series (not that I want them to), Unfortunately my team got bounced. And I can’t really root for Boston since well, I don’t like not being called back :D. So go neither

e. Oriental spam comments on blogger. If I can’t read it, it doesn’t get published, period. Thank God for the spam filter on here, it’s really good 🙂



  1. Oh Joe, those Asian comments. Part e. I kinda was hoping for a friendly Korean or Japanese Catholic, but instead got a shock! So, it seems every other day I get to press the delete comment button.

    As far as your A. posting, how do I convince the kookies at the Parish that that is exactly what they should consider – go join up with a group that already shares their opinion? (Although I do think, “Why on earth would you want anything other than the Greatest Church? Or as Lola Falana said and I’m paraphrasing, all other churches we’re founded by sinners, the Catholic Church was foundd by God.”)

  2. Sorry for the typos! Paraphrasing Ms. Falana : “All other churches were founded by sinners. The Catholic Church was founded by God!”

    • worry not about typos, I don’t grade grammar, I’m too busy teaching math :p

  3. Lola, I was thinking the same thing,..I thought someone from asia got through the blocks and read my supposedly Catholic blog…fortunately I figure they can use a translator 🙂

    There’s no convincing them unfortunately, every Catholic in their heart knows this is the Church that He founded, whether they listen to that or not is another story.

  4. a. Yes! Our Holy Father doesn’t need this internal bickering and “fake” criticism.Be grateful for all the changes and strides thus far!

    b. ok, sure.

    c. Go USA!

    d. Lakers, until they “get real” again (i.e. grow up as human beings), will not be my team again. (haven’t been since Magic Johnson lost my trust)

    e. Joe, orientals are rugs. How about Asian?


    • hugs in return…:)

      a. Exactly, people need to be grateful for the direction that the Church is going. This conversation about a Papal TLM would not have been taking place 5 years ago. These people need to support our Holy Father with their prayers.

      e. and very nice rugs at that :p, hmmmm, Asian spam comments it is :p, but either way something I can’t read in the comment box is a problem :p

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