Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | June 24, 2010

Prayer request

Please pray for me, urgently…this has been a week to forget…



  1. I have come to you through email for help for your prayers for the following:

    Please help me in prayer for my marriage i know the power of prayer and that nothing is impossible to God I need prayer for my husband who ive been with for almost 8 years he left me 4 months ago he hasnt been intouch with anyone in his family or friends he calls me once a week but he seems to not be the same person i love him his my first love who i prayed to God to meet. Please join me in prayer and let me pray for anyone you wish to have more prayers for . I feel my husband needs alot of prayers to come back to go i have a feeling he might be doing things he might be trapped into and needs to be free from evil and bondage. I have strong faith in God and know i know its best to turn to people with strong faith and who put there live at service to God.

    God Bless you

    “Thank you God for helping me get through another day. I pray today for my husband michael for his salvation and to come back to God and our Marriage. On the 24th Oct it will be our first year marriage anniversairy. We have been together since we were 17 and he is my first love. I know he is lost at the moment i pray he gets released from all of Satan’s assignments. God help the love bossom inbetween as again and that Michael and myself will only have eyes for each other. we are suppose to see the priest on Tuesday coming i pray Michael calls me and comes with me to see the priest and it will be the start of renewing our marriage with Jesus being in the centre of it.”

  2. Anne, I will pray for this intention

    Prof J

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