Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 11, 2010

How to make Joe angry…

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is supposed to be the representation of Calvary in an unbloody manner….

Went to Mass with my friend Emmy from Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer…

Today’s abuses of Holy Mass were the following

  • Intro speech before Mass begins
  • Marty Haugen music (well, it should be a Liturgical Abuse)
  • No Penitential Rite
  • Father offering both the host and chalice at the same time (not permitted for the Rite of Rome)
  • Announcements at non permitted times during Mass
  • Father trying to improve the texts by using his own words at various points
  • Illegal vessels used for the Precious Body and Blood of Our Lord (glass)
  • Pouring of the Precious Blood After Consecration by an EMHC
  • Changing the words to the final blessing “us” instead of “you” (which even the Latin doesn’t allow, nos would be us in latin)
  • Clapping at the Gospel Acclamation
  • People ignoring Jesus who got banished to a side room
  • Empty sermon…no really it was empty….mine was better
  • Inserted own political agneda at Mass
  • The intention for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was not mentioned **makes me livid, since this was for my friend’s Father**

For the love of God (really) for the Love of God, can priests not try to “improve” the Liturgy with their opinions and their personalities, can’t we just stick to the rubrics? Please? Please, God, about Purgatory, we better get 200 days off for this :p. See what our new Bishop is facing? I don’t feel for him, I don’t want to be the one to have to fix this.



  1. Meanwhile, at the Mass I was at yesterday morning it was obvious that most of those in front of me were there for the Baptism after & haven’t darkenned the door of a Catholic Church since who knows when. The people in front were constantly talking. 1 guy kept looking for reasons to applaud, when not looking for a reason to talk or point. 1 female 2 pews up decided that some of the music was an excuse for her to “shake her booty”.

    • I hope that the person didn’t applaud ;)…and people wonder why we can’t stand liturgical terrorists

  2. Dude, when you see things like this, you should mention the Parish–and the celebrant, if possible–by name!

    When you turn on the lights, the Cockroaches Scurry.

    • Twas the parish of Mary Immaculate in Pacoima, Ca, I didn’t find out the name of the celebrant

  3. oh my goodness! I’m sorry Joe. I feel bad for your friend. her father deserved better.

    • hugs :), we should totally go out for food 😀

    • Thanks, Rosanna. I got really upset that, it being exactly one year (to the day) of my father’s death, his name wasn’t even mentioned… even though we paid for it to be put on the Mass intentions list. I endured the liturgical abuse for nada.

      • Your Father will be remembered when I am at Mass in Philly :), I wish you could be there, maybe one day with me as the celebrant :p

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