Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | July 26, 2010

Thought of the day

The things you think are farthest are in reality closer than you think



  1. yup, even in our visual perception this is true. for instance, a water bottle 500 feet away may be perceived as 300 feet away by a runner running towards it! psych studies show such to be true after asking various runners how far their endpoint seemed when there was or was not a water bottle, for instance. when there was not a water bottle, the endpoint seemed closer than when there was a water bottle!

    • Indeed though this refers to something I’ll be talking about later

  2. Hello from Long Island!

    Love your new blog, Joe. Very elegant. I had a wordpress blog once, but it was too technical for me so I had to go back to good old reliable blogger.

  3. Hello Julie, glad you found your way here :)…wordpress has a few more options that blogger does not, hence my apperance here. Thank you, I’m hoping to make improvements on the blog design soon, I have a friend who is “Mercedarianing my blog”

  4. Absolutely. Reminds me of something St. John of the Cross might have said…

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