Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 9, 2010

Thought of the day

When everyone knows you’re a seminarian, you get free stuff…perks are great :p



  1. but it seems there is a gender divide. you get free things because we clearly need priests, as they provide Confession & the Eucharist. But the world lacks understanding in what use is a nun.

    • men do not survive without women. Priests included :D, Holy Nuns praying for me does a lot of good, we support one another 😉

      • you and I know that. but does the general catholic laity know that – no. no they do not.

      • unfortunately this is the case, we need to educate the laity more 🙂

  2. hey.. you get any extra free things.. send them my way!!

    • depending on how much you pay :p

  3. Come to our house here in North Texas. We’ll give you dinner like we did my wife’s favorite Dominican. He got grilled steak, twice baked potatoes, grilled onions and a slice of pecan pie topped with ice cream. He’s a Missisipi (sp?) native so when he said the pie was good I took it for fact.

    Bribing my way into Heaven? You bet! Whatever works!

    • that’s certainly a great way to get light sentences from a confessor 😉

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