Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 17, 2010

Some thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque

Question, if someone killed someone close to you, would you want a shrine built in their honor where your close friend/family member, whomever was killed?

I think the logical answer to this is of course not!

If the killer were to say that this shrine is going to promote honour dialogue and understanding…you’d of course not believe them.

The laws of the United States have separation of Church and state in so far as the State does not run the Church, and the Church does not run the state. In general the state should not interfere with the Church’s business.

I have an idea, we can either make a giant cemetary out of the grounds, or we can build a Catholic Church in honor of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

I don’t oppose the mosque for religious reasons (which of course I have), but mostly because of what happened on 9/11. it makes zero sense to enshrine something that was motivation behind 9/11. It’s an insult to those who died. As much as I’d love to say these are extremists not acting in accord with true Islam, this pattern of behaviour has been demonstrated throughout the centuries. Take something that’s prized from the culture and build a mosque (Hagia Sophia, Corabla (who the mosque is being named after)). In the Christian tradition, we have built Church’s over the places of Saints and Our Lord.

Until we here the clerics that matter in Islam condemn such attacks…(Iran, Saudi Arabia) and until Christian Churches (in particular Catholic) can be built…I do not wish to see this mosque come to reality


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