Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 22, 2010

21st Su in OT Reflection notes

21st Su in OT Reflection

Is 66, 18-21; Ps 117, 1-2; Heb 12, 5-7. 11-13; Lk 13, 22-30

  1. Our Faith is Catholic that is Universal

    a. The Faith calls people from all nations together (Is 66, 18)

    b. It is our Faith that should transform culture, not the other way around.

    c. The 2nd Vatican Council called us to bring our Faith into our daily lives.

  2. Practicing the Faith requires discipline

    a. The Church gives us devotions to keep us in dicipline towards Christ

    b. All authentic devotion leads to Christ in the Holy Eucharist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    c. Discipline is difficult, once things become routine, we must remind ourselves of why as to not be robots.

  3. The path to hell is wide, don’t go on it.

    a. Hell is of our own doing, it is not God “punishing us” it is because we did not want to be in union with Him.

    b. Narrowness of heaven is implicative of its difficulty if it were so easy, everyone would be in heaven.

    c. Sorry to tell you declaring your Faith in Christ does not guarentee you salvation. Salvation is first and foremost a gift from God, and you must cooperate with that gift.

  4. God always answers our prayers

a. Knock and the door shall be open….when we put our needs before God, God answers with what we need, not what we want.

b. We must have humility to recognize God’s gracce is sufficent for all situations.

c. God’s grace will assist us in persevering, we must continously beg for perseverence.


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