Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 22, 2010

My last days in California

Apologies for not putting this entry up earlier, however I’ve had technical issues, hopefully they’ve been sovled…

My last days in California

a. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered for my intentions of my postulancy. I had a very fast lesson in obedience, since this is the parish I geographically belong to. When I serve Mass, normally I wear cassock and surplice as my vestments. The Pastor did not want me to wear them. So I in obedience did not wear them. Also even though everyone my opinion on the Pouring of the Precious Blood after the consecration are well known. I did not try to disturb the parish flow by insiting on doing things right. (Something I’m sure i’ll be going to confession for later :p).

b. There was a ceremonial for my blessing and “sending off” so to speak. The Pastor asked specifically through the intercession of Our Lady of Mercy that I be faithful, and persevere, which I thought was beautiful, even though I have my fair share of disagreements with him. Something that I came to very quickly realize is that it’s not possible to abandon your geographical parish. It was humbling to know that they’ve been praying for people to respond to the call of the priesthood, and it was little ol’ me that answered the call. (God had been knocking enough times, I guess now i ought to listen :p). I think during the entire ceremony my head was down in prayer. For those of you that know me, in real life, know I’m very introverted on the most part and don’t seek attention for attention’s sake.

C/ My Spiritual Director gave a significant financial contribution to me after Mass. So after I put my vestments in my car. I decided to go back and make thanksgiving to the Blessed Sacrament, which is where it REALLY got interesting. We all know how much we love old ladies praying Rosaries…but even better when they “attack” you and force feed you monetary gifts :p/ I wil say, myself being rather embarassed with all the atteniton (I hardly deserved it). But it was great they prayed for me, and hoped that they’d be around when i come to offer Mass for them.

D/ All of the encouragement saying that I would make it, was very comforting to me. I tend to be self critical and doubt everything. Of course it is by God’s grace that I will amke it. Please pray that I persevere.

E. The day before I spent time with my adorable niece and nephews and their friend. It’s great when kids climb all over you, I guess that’s sign of love from them. I could tell that they were going to miss me. I’m going to miss them as well.

F. I had going away party on Tuesday night. I’m amazed that all of my friends that said thery were going to show up for the most part, showed up. It was beautiful, we all had good time. I guess everyone knows how much I love books, so I received a bunch of those :p, and financial contributions :). I gave everyone a thank you card and a Holy Card for coming. :)…though I forgot to give one of my dear frienda a Rosary….I’ll have to snail it to her :p

G. I cleaned out my friends in Texas Hold’em. (In candy). It’s good to be the boss.

H. My flight stopped in Broke Vegas. Not enough time to gamble, but enough time to see how expensive airplane food is :p. I arrived in Philadelphia around 10:45 PM, where Fr Joseph O de M came to get me.

J. In a surprise move, my father took me out to breakfast in the morning. I think now he’s going to be okay with it. I was rejoicing in happiness that he’s going to be alright.



  1. Great stuff! Especially about your father. 🙂

  2. 😀

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