Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 23, 2010

The Postulancy…as of 8/23/10

As I promised I’d report on my journey in the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary, more than likely I’ll be doing major posts like this every other week or so, and the other days will be filled with smaller blogs.

I’ll split these into 3 types…the good, the bad, and the deformed.

The good.

a. My postulancy officially began yesterday with investure, and the giving of the Mercedarian Shield. Which was the shield of Aragon in Spain way back when. This pin will differentiate me from the other seminarians, as I’ll be studying with for the most part diocsean seminarians. The significance of yesterday was that it was the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary we celebrated. (Though the Sunday readings took precedent since the Queenship is not a solemnity)

b. The community is great, one thing I’m quickly finding out, each has their own quirks.

c. My fellow postulants all of them are awesome

d. The Priests, never do i have to worry about Mass being messed around with, EVER! (Though it was quite funny yesterday when Fr James forgot he was celebrating the NO and did the Tridentine Rubrics for the NO). Even today Roman Chasuibles with crossed Stoles for the Novus Ordo awesometastic.

e. Solemn Vespers 🙂

f. When the previous occupant of the room donates to you paper, ties, shirts, watch and holy cards.

the bad

a. I own one of the books that I need for Seminary, but that’s in my car back at home, which is going to be shipped in a month, LOL!

b. I really wish there were one time zone. Adjusting is proving to be difficult, since in my mind it’s a certain time (3 hours behind mind you). yesterday I fell asleep around 3ish. And i got up on time for prayers at 7 boo yeah!

c. when you run out of paper you were using to take notes…spending time to buy paper and such office supplies

the deformed

a. humidity….it’s just strange to have rain in AUGUST, must be used to that weather thing in Ca…going to take some time to get that out of my head

b. Bernadette thinks she’s queen of the house (she’s a cat) and demands to be petted when she comes near you.

b. Postulants losing to the simply professed in the “granny game” (game invented by Patrick’s grandma)…the game is rigged i tell ya :p



  1. Great post, Joe! You’re the only community member with no quirks, right? 😉 I love that your priests don’t mess around with the Mass. What is this Granny Game?

  2. 1 small correction, Bernadette the Cat IS queen of the house. & it is her right to be petted. & your responsibility to do so. Trust me, as someone who knows & loves cats.

    & yes the rain in August is a California thing.

    But you left out 1 other good thing. You no longer have to deal with Cardinal Mahony.

    Anyhow, remebber, Bernadette queen, you peon & all will go smoothly. : )

  3. Rachel, there has to be one normal one there 😉

    The Granny game is a mix of connect 4 and a card game. Basically you’ve got to try to get 2 rows of 5 cards in a row. One of those things I have to show you if you ever were to visit here ;), though I think you’ll be in Italy when I’m on vacation

    Al, hahaha!, the Cardinal was far off my radar, though I’m still counting the days to his retirement

    I’ll try to remember that Bernadette’s the queen, try to.

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