Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | August 30, 2010

My first week in Postulancy…

I’m going to try and do a monthly update on my postulancy since not much happens in a week :p

a. Seminary started on Friday. It’s such a relief to go to a school that isn’t afraid to preach the Truth. The Rector is awesome, my classmates are great. No more stressing over heresy or ignorance. The Truth is being taught and that’s what makes education work so great.

b. Saturday was cleaning day. We’ve got a big house, that’s all I’ve got to say.

c. Sunday was Fr James B-day. We had great food once again, also we had karaoke night with the tv. Butchering modern pop songs is always fun. There’s no recording, but it’s great to spend time in fraternity with my order. I met Phillip from In Caritae non fica, awesome guy!, Pray for him, and pray with us.

d. I hope to be able to put Mercedarian Spirituality up soon.



  1. You met the famous Phillip! I’m praying for his tumor, or rather against his tumor.

    It’s sadly ironic, isn’t it, that Catholics should have to worry and stress about hearing bad teaching from fellow Catholics? It certainly is good to be in an environment where the truth is loved.

    • Rachel, sad yes, but given the history of the Catholic Church, hardly surprizing. Arius & Arianism is a prime example, but definitely NOT the only 1
      That having been said, yes it is always good to be in an environment like Joe is in.

      Speaking of the environment, Joe, I assume you are learning to give Bernadette the proper respect that is due her as queen of the house! 🙂

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