Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | September 21, 2010

My aol e-mail

Was hacked into…my apologies to those of you that recieved messages from a person that wasn’t me.

Anything from jcpanther24 at aol .com I did not send to you

Please discard it and do not open it





  1. I was going to ask about that….received two emails. Both looked a bit fishy.

  2. oops. that’s what I get for reading my email in CHRONOLOGICAL order! *facepalm* I got all analytical about it, too. Emailed “Fake Joe” what he was avoiding by changing addresses so much.

    Joe — stronger passwords!!!

  3. While it certainly was a pain in the neck, you were in good company. Fr. Z was hacked or otherwise messed with yesterday, and another blogger I know also had problems. I hope the new e-mail address was not also the work of your tormentor.

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