Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 14, 2010

Thoughts on the miner catstrophe

Great that all of them have been saved, Laus tibi Christe for such, but some quick thoughts.

1. What took them so dang long? How long was this like a month and a half? Seriously

2. Imagine what would of happened if they didn’t drill the hole. You think this is efficient, just wait til you see Zerocare in action.

3. Sorry if I’m a bit cynical this evening, I’ve seriously had a horrible day 😦



  1. In 1991, my Dad was nearly killed in a deadly mining accident. His partner was killed on impact, and my Dad ended up losing the use of one of his legs.

    Underground is not where humans are meant to be; so many of these accidents happen in the first place because all the pressure created when you dig a hole that deep down, it’s gotta give eventually. One wrong move during a mine rescue could kill everyone trapped, as well as the rescue team.

    It took nearly 12 hours to rescue my Dad. Because of the nature of that accident, they couldn’t even use machinery – no shovels nothing. The mine rescue workers dug him out with their bare hands.

    A couple years later, two men died and they were unable to recover those bodies; it is unsafe to enter that area of the mine, it’s just too unstable. And after that, more men died… those bodies were never recovered, either.

    Mining is deadly business, and mine rescue is even deadlier. It doesn’t take so long because it’s inefficient – it takes so long because it is dangerous, and a lot of bravery and science is behind it.

  2. Joe, I hope your day goes better today.

    I believe the reason it took so long is because they didn’t want to take a chance that they would cave in that mine and lose all of them. To me, it did seem to take a very long time. 69 days to be exact. They didn’t even find them for 17 days, and that was a miracle onto itself. I think drilling that 2000 foot tunnel to bring them up was tedious due to the chance of caving everything in.

    Since you mentioned it, I think that everyone should take a lesson from them. It seems like everyone of them kept their faith in the Lord. Many stopped to pray before hugging their families. This touched me in so many ways. God Bless all of the miners and rescue workers. Help them to adjust to what is going to happen next, and that they never lose their faith.

  3. Joe, you should read some of the stories of how their faith in God got them through this experience. I think that might lift you up a bit!

    Secondly, don’t forget, it was an American who did the drilling, a true hero.

    This story is the definition of HOPE!

    God bless you, Joe.

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