Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | October 17, 2010


a. The Church is > Rome and this is not a heresy. Last time I checked the name of the Church is the Catholic Church, and not the Roman Catholic Church. Just saying if you’re going to label the Church, label her correctly.

b. Do people ever think…to what extent?…For example…we have “so called Children’s Liturgies” What about those children that can’t read or write? Are we going to have a “Pre-K Missal, a K Missal, a 1-3 Missal, a 4-6 Missal, a middle school, a high school Missal, a college Missal? Really we might as well since we’re caving to the LCD for everything now and days.

Sample text: PreK Missa;: The Big Guy in the Sky be with you.

c. Those geniuses in the govt are now making gas 15% ethonal. Sounds great right, going green all that. Guess what it’s actually worse for the environment. You have to harvest the corn, then send it off to the farm, and then separate it, THEN drive it to the places you need, effectively negating the intention that they are trying to do.Not to mention it’s bad for the car.

d. The same thing with the CFL light bulbs. Sure they’re more efficient than the normal incandescent bulb. But at what price. They brake, you have to call haz-mat because of the Hg that’s in them. It takes time for them to get bright and then they progressively dim, unlike our present bulbs. Which came up with a genius idea…to make the regular incadescent bulbs in the shape of the CFL’s and call them Compact Faux-rescent Light bulbs. Forget the drug trade in 2011 or whenever the regular bulbs become illegal, we’re going to have a lightbulb trade underground. Citizenship in exchange for lightbulbs, brilliant!



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