Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 1, 2010

Some thoughts on recent events and such matters

1. Catholics killed by orthodox Muslims

This isn’t the first time this Cathedral has been attacked. On the CNN report no mention to what religion that Al Queda belongs to of course, it’d offend someone. There’s no way it could be the Muslims again, no way…

a. Either Islam condones such behaviour or it does not. Which one is it? Has there been a call by the Muslim clerics in Iraq to stop such behavior? I haven’t seen one. It’d make major news if someone did call for a stop to this. Unfortunately, that’s living in fantasy land since killing infidels is talked about in that book of genius called the Koran.

b. Apparently the terrorists have zero ability to use their brains. What did these Catholics have to do with the situation in Iraq? Nothing! The Church did not order Muslims to be captured. They have an issue with the state and take it out on the minority? I guess this  is what happen when your mindset is in the 7th century.

c. Oh wait, I almost forgot the zero is sending troops to Afganistan now. Get comfortable folks. There’s going to be more of this. Now that the majority isn’t prohibited by the former secular government of Sadaam, the persecution of Christians will increase.

2. L’Observetore Romano

Does not speak for the Pope or the Vatican, just thought I’d remind you of that. This whole thing that halloween is evil and from the devil is a bit wrong. Halloween is the Vigil of the feast of all All Hallows (All Saints). Yes, it was moved from being celebrated the Sunday after Pentecost to this date by one of the Pope Gregory’s (I think XIII) for the Western Church. If people can’t separate fiction from reality, I think that’s a problem with the individual person. Can some people be lead away by all this talk of ghosts and vampires, sure. We as Catholics have the solution to get rid of Ghosts and Vampires….a. Offer Mass…b. show a crucifix :D. Nothing more Catholic than that 😀

3. Change isn’t coming.

The way I address certain people in the world is the way I address them. It won’t change unless they do something to mess up the way I address them. Yes, a bit of my non-conformist attitude is coming out at this given moment, but I really don’t care. If I choose to call a friend dearest I will. If I choose to call a friend something else, I will. It’s not in the rule books.

4. The World Series

I’m rooting for the Giants. I don’t care if I’m in Philadelphia, and the Phillies got crushed :D. Since my perpetual losers the Seattle Mariners aren’t anywhere near the playoffs right now, my fanship is with the Giants. They have an excellent pitching staff, and will close out the series either tomorrow or in game 6.

5.  Fall Break is this week, so no school :D, yet I get work to do anyway, woo hoo….

6. Walls can be broken with the right amount of force.

7. It takes the escape of the present moment to be able to put things in perspective, and I haven’t had the chance to do that yet.



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