Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 2, 2010

Tomorrow is election day…

I know that all of you are going to vote, and I’m probably preaching to the choir, but I’ll say it anyway…VOTE WITH A BRAIN 😀

We can all disagree about HOW to solve problems that we face in society. Whether the government should be the bully up the street or whether it should be the kid that always gets beat up is up for discussion. What is not up for discussion is the basis for which we should vote as intelligent people (regardless of whether you belong to the True Religion or not)

1. Voting Pro-Life…what good are free government handouts for being a lazy bum if you’re dead? If lawmakers don’t respect the life of an innocent child, why should they respect yours? And voting against the death penalty is not voting pro-Life because Abortion/infanticide ALWAYS involve the taking of innocent life, where as the death penalty SOMETIMES involves the taking of innocent life. The two are not moral equivalents even on a statistical basis. Embryonic Stem Cell Research is failed research and doesn’t work. All the results are in Adult Stem Cells, I like to go with what actually works.

2. Parents’ Rights…Do you want someone else to raise YOUR children? I don’t think so right? You want to instill your values in them (hopefully those are good values). It is your right as parents’ to educate your kids. (These standards for education for home-schoolers should be illegal, but that’s not the point0. You as parents should be able to send your kids to whatever school you wish, not a unionized den of evil.

3. Marriage between a man and woman. Let’s face it without family, we die as a society. I might be a bit naive, when I say this, but I find it hard to have an excuse to be gay when there are so many beautiful people in the world. Male or Female depending on your gender of course. If it were meant to be that male and male or female and female were to get married, homosexuality would be the way to produce babies, but it’s not. Marriage isn’t even a right to begin with, but that’s another argument outside this post.

Regardless of whether the person belongs to the Rebublicrats or the Democans…These are the essential issues…

I hope there will be a ton of pink slips tomorrow 😀



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