Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | November 22, 2010

The news…and finally a rational perspective in a sentence

a. The Pope’s comments

Calm down folks. Read the entire thing! Situation hypothetical :). It’s not an ex cathedra statement folks. Really, chill

b. TSA Screenings

If they had a dog do the sniffing, perhaps I’d be more open to it (not before I made the dog play fetch), who hasn’t been sniffed by a dog before? TSA worker touch me, he gets kicked, plain and simple 😀

c. New Cardinals

I pray for their perseverance in the Faith, the blood of Cardinals shall be taken…

d. USCCB Elections

Maybe, just MAYBE, this will put an end to the warm and fuzzy statements….I just have a hard time taking the USCCB seriously



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