Posted by: Joe of St. Thérèse | December 20, 2010

Some thoughts before I go on vacation

a. The DREAM act

I was hanging out at Dymphna’s blog and loved her thoughts, and I’m going to give a few of my own.

1. The problem isn’t the principle of the so called DREAM act, but rather, who’s running it. The government can barely enforce its OWN immigration laws (Hence why Arizona proposed SB 1070 to enforce the laws that aren’t being enforced). How in the world do we expect them to enforce this one? Even though there are conditions that are supposed to protect against full amnesty. (Which The Church is against by the way (no, the USCCB is NOT the Church, it has ZERO Magisterial Authority EXCEPT when granted reginitio by the Vatican (which is almost never)). You and I both know how corrupt our government is and that this will not be enforced. People will take advantage of this and alas, we’ve now created a bigger problem than we had before.

2. The Law is the law regardless of your intention to break it or not. When you’re speeding down the freeway cutting people off left and right and he cop pulls you over. You get a ticket. (Unless the cop is a friend, you’re a cute female of course, then you’re let off the hook). There is a punishment when you break the law, in the case of speeding you get a fine.. How much you pay is depending on how much you were speeding obviously. Illegal immigration is no different, there is a punishment that needs to be handed out for breaking the law. Now what that punishment is can be up for debate. (Personally, I don’t think someone moving into the country through the back door is worthy of jail time, there’s far worse crimes on the books). I really do feel for these children who through no fault of their own were brought here illegally. I know more than one person in this state. Yet, nonetheless the law has been broken, which they’re supposed to respect if they move to another country (CCC 2241). The laws of our own country must be enforced before we even attempt to deal with the problems that we have. While we’re too busy bending over backwards to NK, China and Saudi Arabia and being broke to deport every single Illegal Immigrant, nor rich enough to grant them amnesty. I think what should be done is the following: 1. Enforce the laws that are on the books. 2. Punish harshly the companies that hire illegals 3. Those that have been here 5 years or < kick them out. b. Those that have been here 5 to 10 years, give them 6 months to a year to move. Those that have been here more than 10 years can work the prison system.

Some interesting things here

b. State of the Church address

The Best speech by our Holy Father, next to Ragensburg…..More like this please 🙂

c. This article on by a priest

Say it with me now, THE TERRORISTS ARE ORTHODOX PRACTICERS OF ISLAM, say it again, THE TERRORISTS ARE ORTHODOX PRACTICERS OF ISLAM. They are merely immitating muhammad, No such a thing as Moderate peaceful Islam, got it? Very good!

d. Refusal of the EF, could break communion with the Pope

Change the could to does and it’s perfect

e. Thoughts on my 1st semester of Seminary and Postulancy

Will be coming later 🙂

Pax Vobis



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